Pliny The Oscar

Director of Marketing
& Entertainment

Name: Pliny The Oscar


Hometown: Amazon River, Brazil


Background/Beer background: Grew up presumably in the Amazon somewhere (too young to remember at the time). Ended up at B & D Aquarium in White Center. On the fateful day of June 28th, 2010, Morgan and Allison chose me from among all the other oscar fish. Quickly promoted to Director of Marketing and Entertainment on June 29th, 2010.

As a fish, I stick to my H20. I’m told however that beer is mainly H20 and therefore I’ve already consumed most beers and beer styles. I probably know more about beer than all you guys.


Favorite Beer Styles: Don’t drink, but I hang out in front of the cider section. A lot of them look pretty tasty!


Favorite Movie: Big Fish (what you thought I’d say Jaws?). If you haven’t seen Big Fish- 8.0 on IMBD and Tim Burton directed. What’s not to like?

Favorite TV Show: Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Favorite Sandwich: 2 nutritious sticks, with a piece of krill in the middle.

Favorite Non-Beer Hobby: Moving my plants around, swim behind game, swim through game, and messing with that plastic turtle in my tank.

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