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Store Manager,
Purchasing Manager,
I.T., Organizer, Inventory Specialist, and Overall Good Guy...The Swiss Army Knife of People


Name: Patrick Campbell


Hometown: Mukilteo, WA


Background/Beer background: When I was in high school my childhood friend's dad did a lot of home brewing and it got me interested in the entire process. He would attempt to explain to high school students the fundementals of making beer, and the different ingredients used, but explaining the beer-making process to high schoolers just gets translated as "I make beer, beer, beer, beer! You can't have any of my free beer!"

Smash cut to the recent past. I started my beer life working for a major distributor in Washington as an account manager/merchandising lead, before becoming a home brewer. Home brewing turns an appreciation for great beer into a passion and love for the entire process and time it takes to take basic ingredients and turn them into something enjoyable. In 2012 I found myself in need of something enjoyable to do, as a living, and my wife heard through the hop bines that Morgan was looking for someone to help out. So, here I am at The Beer Junction trying to make a difference, while being surrounded by home brewers, nano-brewers, microbrewers, and large scale craft brewers and it is awesome!


Favorite Beer Styles: My go-to beer styles are (in order):

  1. IPA

  2. Stout/Porter

  3. Belgians 

  4. Pale Ales

  5. Lagers

Favorite Movies: Super Troopers (Comedy). Top Gun (Action). Back to the Future Trilogy (Sci-Fi). Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail (Romantic).


Favorite TV Show: Saturday Night Live (yes it has its ups and downs, but I enjoy it) and LOST!

Favorite Sandwich: A nice BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado). Anything from Great Harvest Bread Co.

Favorite Non-Beer Hobby: Skiing, traveling with friends and listening to the Adam Carolla podcast. If I could do all three things at once I would be very pleased.