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Hop Hysteria

A 2 day celebration of all things hoppy!
25+ IPA taps!!!

Saturday, June 8th through Sunday, June 9th

All our artwork is created by Nick Bers, a former employee. If you are interested in checking out his other designs please CLICK HERE

We show our love for all things hoppy by dedicating 25+ taps to the best, newest, and most unique IPAs out there.

Opening Lineup will be announced a day or two before the event on Instagram!

Sampler trays are encouraged!
Samplers are 4oz each and trays can be made with 4, 5, or 8 different varieties.

Stay Safe!

Please note that many of the IPAs we're serving are strong to very strong so please plan accordingly and drive safely. For the easiest way home we encourage the use of the UBER Car Service.


For the Non-IPA Crowd....
Fear not! We'll also have lots of non-IPA beer options on tap as well! 


Also, in addition to beers, our tap list always includes a rotating selection of ciders, meads, wines, and draft soda.


Our Live Taplist can be found by clicking here!

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