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Fresh Hop Poster 2018.jpg

A 9 day celebration of all things fresh hopped!
Rotating taps featuring IPAs, Pale Ales, Cider, and more!

Saturday, September 29th through Sunday, October 7th

Fresh Hop Fest

All our artwork is created by Nick Bers, a former employee. If you are interested in checking out his other designs please CLICK HERE

The Fresh Hops are coming! We'll be celebrating this grand time of the year, by putting on tap loads of fresh hop beers for 9 days. 

So grab a pint, a sampler tray, or a growler of your favorite!


Fresh Hop Fest Opening Lineup! 
(11am Saturday September 29th)

- Airways: Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA
- Breakside: Chinook Fresh Hop IPA
- Ecliptic: Altair Fresh Hop Chinook Pale Ale 
- Pfriem: Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA
- Deschutes: Chaisin' Freshies 
- Georgetown: Citra Fresh Hop Johnny Utah 
- Gigantic: Sodbusted VI: Return of the Simcoe Fresh Hop
- Dru Bru: Centennial Fresh Hop IPA
- Anacortes: Simcoe Fresh Hop Pale Ale 
- Barley Brown's: Experimental 640 Fresh Hop IPA
- Black Raven: Azacca Fresh Hop 
- Narrows: Amarillo Fresh Hop Hazy IPA
- Fremont: Field to Ferment Simcoe 
- Reuben's: Fresh Hop Double Crush 
- Reuben's: Fresh Hop Crikey
- Oakshire: Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA
- Puyallup River: Simcoe & Amarillo Fresh Hop Pale Ale
- Seapine: Citra Fresh Hop
- Trap Door: Co-Hop Centennial Fresh Hop IPA 
- Wander: 300 Cents Centennial Fresh Hop IPA
- Stoup: Simcoe Fresh Hop 
- Stoup: Citra & Loral Fresh Hop 
- Matchless: Fresh Fluff Hazy Fresh Hop IPA with Citra & El Dorado
- Matchless & Skookum: The Fresh Maker Hazy Fresh Hop IPA
- Holy Mountain: Sabro Fresh Hop Pale Ale 
- Cloudburst: Green Mile Simcoe Wet Hop IPA
- Fort George: Azacca Fresh Hop IPA
- Machine House: Simcoe Fresh Hop Session Ale 

Sampler trays are encouraged!
Samplers are 4oz each and trays can be made with 4, 5, or 8 different varieties.



Our Live Taplist can be found by clicking here!

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