Apollo & Gladiator

Directors of Marketing
& Entertainment

Name: Apollo & Gladiator


Hometown: Amazon River, Brazil


Background/Beer background: We grew up presumably in the Amazon somewhere (too young to remember at the time). Morgan and Allison chose us from among all the other oscar fish at A Place For Pets in Burien. Gladiator was quickly promoted to Director of Entertainment. Apollo, being the more serious one, was promoted to Director of Marketing. 

As fish, we stick to H20. We're told however that beer is mainly H20 and therefore we already consumed most beers and beer styles. We probably know more about beer than all you guys.


Favorite Beer Styles: We don’t drink, but we hang out in front of the cider section. A lot of them look pretty tasty!


Favorite Movie: 

Gladiator: "My favorite movie is a tie, between Gladiator (of course), and The Fast and the Furious"

Apollo: "I'm a big fan of the Rocky film series. Especially Rocky IV-- that soundtrack gets me working out everytime...... DRAGO!!!!" 


Favorite TV Show:

Gladiator: "Game of Thrones-- so addictive!" 

Apollo: "Pretty much anything on Animal Planet. Especially shows about Brazil." 


Favorite Sandwich:

Gladiator: "I've got a giant appitite. My favorite sandwich is probably 6 nutritrious sticks in between two of the giant pellets."


Apollo: "I'm a bit of a dainty eater, but I do enjoy a sandwich consisting of 1 stick in between 2 of the medium size red pellets."

Favorite Non-Beer Hobby: 

Gladiator: "I like to chase Apollo around the tank. I also like to eat....a lot."


Apollo: "I enjoy my quiet time-- exploring the tank and sometimes hiding in my flower pot."